Justin Timberlake’s ‘Crimea river’ pun doesn’t mean he’ll fight in Ukraine

As the disaster in Ukraine continues, various celebrities are rallying help for its individuals on social media.

Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively and Andy Cohen are just some of the A-listers utilizing their platform to boost assist for the nation following its invasion by Russian troops.

Rumours are flooding the web that one well-known singer has taken issues one step additional and is definitely going to fight in the struggle.

However, the entire thing is definitely a foolish web pun…

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No, Justin Timberlake isn’t going to fight in Ukraine

A rumour has started circling the internet that US singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake is joining the war effort in Ukraine.

Numerous individuals have been posting the ‘news’ on Twitter, with one writing: “Justin Timberlake is joining the war effort in Ukraine. Rumour has it he will be stationed near the Crimea River.”

That led others to understand the mistaken finish of the stick.

“Just read Justin Timberlake enlisted to help in #Ukraine. They’re posting him somewhere along the Crimea River,” tweeted one.

Another wrote: “Justin Timberlake has travelled to Ukraine to defend the country from the Russian invasion. Early reports suggest he’ll be stationed along the Crimea River.”

However, that is undoubtedly a case of pretend information.

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It’s merely a foolish pun

The complete factor is a joke primarily based on considered one of Justin’s hits. When you say it out loud, ‘Crimea river’ sounds just like the 41-year-old’s hit monitor Cry Me A River, which is how the joke emerged.

Crimea is a peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea in Eastern Europe that Russia and Ukraine have lengthy fought over. It has a inhabitants of two.4 million individuals made up largely of Russians alongside Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar minorities. 

The mixture of Justin’s track, the continued Ukraine disaster and the area of Crimea created the right alternative for web customers to play a prank, and it actually fooled lots of people.

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Twitter reacts

While many failed to grasp the pun and thought Justin Timberlake actually was going to fight in Ukraine, others acquired the joke:

This particular person took the joke one step additional:

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I’ll get my coat:

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I see what you probably did there:

Such a dad joke:

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