Dateline: Norman Lee Radder Death Cause, Was It Suicide Or Murder? Marital Problems Explained

Norman Lee Radder died of a gunshot wound in December 2010.

Divorce Lawyer Robert Fischer had Norman murder bills on him however it obtained dismissed in 2021. Moreover, the courtroom docket had convicted him in 2013 nevertheless overturned the selection. Likewise, he as soon as extra had a murder indictment in 2018, nevertheless this time Maricopa County Attorney’s Office dismissed it.    

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The Friday (25 March 2022) episode of NBC’s Dateline, In the Light of Day, regarded into the suspicious dying of Norman. Keith Morrison tries to answer the question of whether or not or not it was a suicide or murder? He even speaks to the 49-year-old’s family members.

Reportedly, Robert was at Norman’s house in Queen Creek, when the incident occurred. Norman handed away of a single bullet from Robert’s handgun into his correct eye. 

After the incident, Robert generally known as 911 and reported the character of the dying as suicide.

The accused’s attorneys suggested that the deceased was suicidal. According to them, he was having financial and marital difficulties. However, authorities take into account Norman’s dying to be a staged murder, not a suicide. 

They suppose that Robert, a former police officer, coated up the crime using his regulation enforcement teaching and data as an lawyer. However, the authorities haven’t acquired enough proof – there’s no fingerprint or DNA proof that reveals Robert fired the gun.

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And he says that he was sleeping in a single different room when the incident occurred. Nonetheless, some specialists do take into account that he was present. They take into account so as a result of blood pattern on his pajamas. 

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