Who Is Severance Actor Tramell Tillman? Everything On His Wife And Age

Who is Tramell Tillman from Apple TV 2022 TV series Severance? Explore his specification, including age, Wikipedia, wife, and more in the following article. 

Severance has set February 18 as the date to release their pilot episode. 

Filled with drama, mystery, and sci-fi the show incorporates veteran actors like Adam Scott, Christopher Walken, and Patricia Arquette. 

Similarly, not a brand-new face but an actor with few films, Tramell Tillman has portrayed the character of Milchick in the show. Noticing his presence, fans who were fascinated by his performance in the previous projects have pushed themselves to search for his personal affairs this time.

So, to make it easy for you, here are some details about the actor that you wish to know. 

Meet Tramell Tillman From Severance

Tramell Tillman, an American actor is gaining additional attention for his upcoming TV series Severance.

According to IMDb, he has been active in the industry since 2015. Plus, have worked in 7 TV series, including Dietland, Hunters, and Elementary.  

Severance is his first project to release in 2022, and he sure will make regular appearances thereafter.

Tramell Tillman Wikipedia Bio

Instead of Wikipedia, he is present on IMDb, artist page, and here and there on the Internet. 

A long way is ahead of him before making a place on Wikipedia. However, for now, his social media can help those longing to learn about his life.

 Is He Married? Meet His Wife

There are several pictures of him with his partner on Instagram, but declaring them married based on it can be absurd.


They certainly have a romantic relationship going on, but since he has not mentioned her as his wife, the chances are fifty-fifty.    

Hence, the mystery is yet to be solved. 

How Old Is The Severance cast? Tramell Tillman Age

Tramell seems in his 30s, although he has not revealed his age. He must be above 6 feet and, the black actor loves to experiment with his hairstyle, assuming by his Instagram pictures. 

The New York resident from Largo, Maryland, has not uttered a single word related to his family. And hopefully, he will do it shortly as the demand grows. 

Find Him On Instagram 

Tramell is accessible on Instagram under the username @tramell.tillman. With 1565 followers, the count seems to grow as much as he exposes himself via new projects.

Similarly, one can spot him on Twitter with a couple of hundred followers under the username @TramellTillman.

Meet Dyson Heydon Accuser Chelsea Tabart Who Is A Barrister and A Reputed Lawyer

What did Chelsea Tabart Barrister accuse Dyson Heydon of? Has the settlement been made? Find out in the article below.

After an independent investigation upheld the allegations against Dyson Heydon, a financial settlement has been made. Chelsea Tabart, Rachel Patterson Collins, and Alex Eggerkins are three women who accused Heydon of sexual harassment.

Since the victims have signed a non-disclosure agreement, the compensation amount has not been made public. The settlement has been dubbed as ‘historic.’ Not only did The attorney general, Michaelia Cash, apologize to Tabart and the other two women but also commended their bravery.

 Let us learn about Chelsea Tabart in detail.

Meet Chelsea Tabart Barrister: Dyson Heydon Accuser

Chelsea Tabart is a former legal assistant. In 2012, she worked as an associate of Dyson Heydon.

Mr.Heydon offered they stop for a drink after an office dinner on her first day of work. Tabart claimed that he led her to a private room at a reputed club, and placed his hand on her thigh.

According to the Mail Online, Tabart left law because “she did feel safe ‘from powerful men like Mr. Heydon even if I reported them.”

Talking about Dyson Heydon, he is a former Australian judge and barrister. Having authored ‘The Restraint of Trade Doctrine’ and ‘Cases and Materials on Equity,’, he is also a legal scholar.

Chelsea Tabart Husband

The identity of Chelsea Tabart’s husband has not surfaced on the internet yet. Whether she is married or not is also currently unknown. Since information about her personal life has not been made public, not much is known about her.

However, we will update you with the details as soon as they become available.

Chelsea Tabart Age Revealed

Chelsea Tabart’s age is 31-32 years old. This estimation is based on the fact that she was 22 years old in 2012- when she started working for Dyson Heydon.

Tabart’s birth month and zodiac sign, however, remain a secret.

Chelsea Tabart Net Worth And Family

The six-figure settlement with the federal government will be added to Chelsea Tabart’s Net Worth soon. As she has signed a non-disclosure agreement the exact amount has not been made public.

Since Tabart’s family has stayed out of the media, their lifestyle currently remains a secret. Details regarding their personal life have not been revealed. However, you can stay tuned with us to get updated about it.

What Happened To Regina Daniels? Ned Nwoko Wife Illness And Surgery Update – How Is She Doing?

People are curious to know about Redina Daniels’ illness and surgery updates. Is she married to Ned Nwoko? Read the article below to know all about the actress.

Regina Daniels is a Nigerian actress and a film producer. Also, she is a businesswoman and a serial entrepreneur. 

Furthermore, Regina is married to Prince Ned Munir Nwoko. He is a Nigerian politician, lawyer, and philanthropist. Also, he was a member of the House of Representatives (Nigeria) between 1999 and 2003 representing Aniocah North-South and Oshimili North-South. 

Later in January 2020, Ned undertook a symbolic expedition to Antarctica to flag off a Malaria Eradication Project. This made him the first black African to visit the South Pole Antarctica. 

What Happened To Regina Daniels? Illness And Surgery Update

A few months back, Regina Daniels posted a video of her receiving treatments. She shared the video on Snapchat and said that she was down again. 

By looking at the pictures, you can see that it is not a small medication that she is receiving. There are a number of strings and injections on the floor. 

However, it is clearly known what type of medication she was receiving. She has not revealed anything more about her health on the internet. 

Is Regina Daniels Still Married To Ned Nwoko?

Yes, Regina Daniels is still married to her husband Ned Nwoko. 

Ned Nwoko is a Nigerian lawyer, politician, and philanthropist. 

Furthermore, the couple tied their wedding knot back in 2019. Later on 31st May 2020, they were blessed with a baby boy named Munir Neji Nwoko.

Nd Nwoko was born in Chinedu Munir Nwoko. He is in his 60s as of now. Moreover, Ned had attended King’s College London from where he received an LLM in maritime and commercial law. Also, he was subsequently called to the English bar at Lincoln’s Inn. 

Know More About Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels is a Nollywood film actress and a model. She was born on 10th October 2000 in Lagos, Nigeria. 

Her mother, Rita Daniel, is also an actress and film producer. In addition, Rita is also the chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) in Delta State, Nigeria. 

Regina grw up in Asaba, Delta State od Nigeria. She has a total of 5 siblings – 3 brothers and 2 sisters. She is the second youngest child in her family. 

Daniel says that one of her role models growing up was Academy award-winning actress Angelina Jolie. She has attended Hollywood Internatio0nal School. Later in 2018, she proceeded to study Mass Communication at Igbinedion University. 

You can follow her on her Instagram handle to get more updates. 

Who Is Jen Tullock From Severance? Her Wikipedia Bio And Age Disclosed

Jen Tullock may not have a Wikipedia page, but she has been well-credited on IMDb for her works. Learn more about her life and work here below!

Jen Tullock is a multi-talented actor and writer.

She is best known for starring in and co-writing Sundance’s “Before You Know It.”

The film premiered in the U.S. Dramatic competition at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and was critically acclaimed.

Tullock is a well-known name in the American theatre and story writing field.

Jen Tullock Wikipedia and Age: Who Is Severance Actress?

By scanning through her pictures, Jen Tullock’s current age falls around her 30s to 40s.

However, the complete insiders into her birth date are still under review.

Despite her unknown age and career in the theatre industry, she has maintained a youthful look.

Otherwise, it must be her fun and bold personality that blends with her connection to the current generation.

Her IMDb profile suggests her upcoming three projects this year.

Thus, the busy actress is indeed packed with whooting for her next series while also maintaining her homes in both Los Angeles and New York.

Meet Jen Tullock Husband

Jen Tullock has not given any insiders into her married life or her husband’s identity currently.

It seems she is single at the moment and is focused on her career.

Even so, it is for sure that she has been into at least one romantic relationship in the past.

Her fans have respected her choice for privacy regarding her personal life.

She is very open about her fun lifestyle on her Instagram handle. Tullock is mostly seen enjoying her drinks and love for theatric arts, according to her Instagram posts.

Jen Tullock Net Worth Revealed

Jen Tullock, without a doubt, enjoys a notable amount of net worth figures earned from her artistic career.

She has become involved in many mainstream projects, including the upcoming thriller series “Severance” on Apple TV+.

The show is expected to hit the screens with positive reviews

Hence, Tullock will see a rise in her earnings that will help her enjoy quite a comfortable life.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Does Actress Sarah Yarkin Have Husband? Married Life Details

Fans are eager to know if Texas Chainsaw Massacre actress Sarah Yarkin is married. Does she have a husband? Read the article below to know all about the actress.

Sarah Yarkin is an American actress. Recently, she has come to fame for playing the role of ‘Melody” in the thriller movie The Texas Chainsaw Massascre

Furthermore, Sarah is well known for Happy Death Day  2U (2019), Fort Salem (2020), and Single Parents (2018).  

Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Actress Sarah Yarkin Married? Meet Her Husband

No, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre actress Sarah Yarkin is not married. She does not have a husband or a partner as of now. Sarah is known to be single and is focused on her career towards becoming a prominent actress in the future. 

Sarah is all set to appear on the upcoming horror film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“. The movie is about ‘Leatherface’ who after nearly 50 years of hiding returns to terrorize a group of idealistic young friends who accidentally disrupt his carefully shielded world in a remote Texas town. 

The movie is set to premiere on 18th February 2022. Sarah will be playing the role of ‘Melody’. Some of the other casts of the movie are Elsie Fisher (Lila), Mark Burnham (Leatherface), Jacob Latimore(Dante), Moe Dunford (Richter), and many more. 

Sarah Yarkin – Age

Sarah Yarkin’s age is 28 years old as of 2022. She was born on 28th May 1993 in the United States of America. 

Talking about her physical appearance, Sarah stands around 5 feet and 2 inches (1.57 m) tall. 

Furthermore, her grandparents are Yarkin, Joseph, and Galpern, Pearl. 

The actress has 24 movie credits and 1 producer credit. Her first movie was College Essay Number One which was released back in 2011. Later, she played in many films such as Dream Girl (2013), Felly (2015), Transparent (2016), Foursome (2017), Happy Death Day 2U (2019), Eat Brains Love (2019), Single Parents (2019-20), Fort Salem (2020), A Home in the Middle (2020), The Beautiful Liar (2021), and many more. 

In addition, she is working on 2 of the post-production movies as well. They are Not Okay (2022) and Dinner Party.


Sarah Yarkin – Instagram

Sarah Yarkin has an Instagram account under the username @sarahyarkin. Her IG handle is verified and has 18.6K followers with whom she has shared a total of 32 posts. 

Moreover, Sarah’s IG bio sounds cool. It says “welcome to my Instagram page! have a good time OK”. Isn’t it sweet? 

Furthermore, Yarkin is seen sharing pictures of her enjoying every moment of life. 

Pamela Heydon and Children, Justice Dyson Heydon Harassment Settlement and Family Net Worth It Affected

Where is Dyson Heydon’s wife, Pamela Heydon, now? Does the former justice have children? In the article below, you’ll discover some of his family’s interesting facts.

Dyson Heydon is best recognized being the wife of John Dyson Heydon, a former Australian judge, and barrister. 

From 2003 to 2013, he was a member of the High Court of Australia, and from 2000 to 2003, he was a member of the New South Wales Court of Appeal.

He was also Dean of Sydney Law School for a while.

Recently, in February 2022, three women who were sexually harassed by former High Court justice Heydon received an unprecedented compensation settlement.

Heydon’s name was etched into history after he became the first serving federal judge to reach a settlement under the Equal Pay Act.

Though he attempted to deny the allegations at first, the court ruled against him.

Following that, the high court apologized to Rachel Patterson Collins, Chelsea Tabart, and Alexa Eggerking for their indiscretions after a lengthy examination.

They also expressed gratitude for the courage with which they shared their stories and expressed sadness for the impact on their lives.

Furthermore, the traumatic turn of events prevents the ladies from pursuing a career in the same sector.

Dyson Heydon Wife Pamela Heydon Now

Dyson Heydon’s wife, Pamela Heydon, died on June 13, 2017, at the age of 66. 

The reasons for her passing were an aneurysm and a fall down the stairs. 

The couple got married in the year 1977. 

Do Former Justice Judge and His Wife Pamela Have Children?

Pamela and Dyson Heydon have four children together: three daughters, Victoria, Christina, Alexandra, and a son, Nicholas.

She was also the grandma of Hugh and Natasha, to mention a few of her other relatives.

Likewise, she was also a sister to Timothy. 

Disclosing Pamela Heydon Net Worth 

Pamela Heydon’s net worth and additional sources of income are unknown at this time.

Her husband, Dyson Heydon, on the other hand, is estimated to have a net worth of at least $5 million.

Dyson is a retired Australian High Court judge who served from 2003 to 2013.

He began his career in 1967 as a fellow of Keble College, Oxford, and went on to teach at the University of Ghana.

Interestingly, Heydon was admitted to the Australian Bar Association in 1973, making him one of the country’s youngest law teachers.

After serving as dean of the University of Sydney Law School, he abandoned everything to become a barrister.

He then became a legal expert and was appointed to the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Pamela Heydon Wikipedia 

Pamela Heydon goes by her real name, Pamela Elizabeth Smith. 

Not much is known about her. She gained notoriety as the wife of John Dyson Heydon.

She was a caring mother of four children and a supportive wife.

Dyson Heydon Accuser Rachael Patterson Collins, Here Is What You Need To Know About The Lawyer

Who Is Rachael Patterson Collins? Here are what you should not be missing about the Dyson Heydon accuser below!

Rachael Patterson Collins is one of the six women who had accused the former barrister, Dyson Heydon, of sexual harassment at the workplace.

The former barrister previously served on the High Court of Australia, and these women worked under him.

Moreover, Patterson Collins is one of the three women who the Federal Government has granted an undisclosed amount of compensation.

The news has hit the headlines worldwide as this incident has shocked the world and netizens.

Who Is Rachael Patterson Collins? Meet Dyson Heydon Accuser

Rachael Patterson Collins, aka the Dyson Heydon accuser, is a former lawyer.

She had intended to become a barrister and was hopeful of her dream career by working under the former Justice Heydon.

Sadly, she left the law field after facing workplace sexual harassment from the reputed barrister.

Ms. Collins was repeatedly called beautiful by Mr. Heydon during work hours.

The incidents hit the limit when Justice Heydon had allegedly tried to kiss Ms. Collins.

Such repeated misdemeanors in her dream career prompted her to abandon her job and seek help from the law.

Rachael Patterson Collins Age Revealed

Rachael Patterson Collins’ age falls around her 30s by scanning through her pictures.

However, any complete insights into her birth date are not accessible at the moment.

She has maintained her distance from the media regarding her personal life.

On the other hand, Ms. Collins is open about the mistreatment that she faced.

Rachael Patterson Collins Husband: Is She Married?

As mentioned above, any insiders into Rachael Patterson Collins’ personal life, including her married life or her husband’s identity, are not approachable.

Given the intensity of the case, any personal life information and the people associated with it of the Dyson Heydon accusers are away at the bay.

Rachael Patterson Collins Settlement

Rachael Patterson Collins and Chelsea Tabart, and Alex Eggerking have settled with Commonwealth.

The trio had accused both Commonwealth and Heydon, and as of a report by Dail Mail UK, they have received a whopping six-figure worth of settlement payment.

However, the full information on the payment and the whole settlement has been signed under private closure.

Rachael Patterson Collins Net Worth Details

The complete information on Rachael Patterson Collins’ net worth figures is not on display.

She has yet to share her new career path after leaving the law field.

Wondering If Cricketer Ashton Agar Ever Married? Thanks For Jogging The Memory Glenn Maxwell

Ashton Agar has married his long-term girlfriend on May 23, 2021. Is Madeleine Alice Ashton Agar’s wife? Here we have provided details about cricketer married life and relationship. 

Ashton Agar is a skillful Australian cricketer, and he has played all forms of the game at the international level representing his nation for almost ten years since 2013. Further, he was awarded a central contract ahead of the 2020-21 season by Cricket Australia in April 2020. 

On the other hand, he got listed to open the batting for Australia for the third Twenty-Twenty in Canberra against Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, people have been looking forward that he might break his world record on his Test debut against England in Nottingham. 

Is Madeleine Alice Ashton Agar Wife? Cricketer Married Life and Relationship In Nutshell

Ashton Agar has become the subject of talk in the media at the current date after he got selected to open the batting against Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, people have been searching for his wife, Madeleine Alice, on the web. In particular, many people are interested in learning about his married life and relationship. 

If you are one of them, you are in the right place to receive information about his marital life and relationship. He has married his long-term girlfriend, Madeleine Alice Ashton, on May 23, 2021. In particular, the couple was in a romantic relationship for some years before getting married. 

Does Ashton Agar Have Children? Details About His Family

Ashton Agar’s marriage news has compelled his fans to wonder about his children at the current detail. However, the pair have not shared their plan about having children at the current date.  

On the other hand, he usually shares a beautiful picture of his family on his social platform. Further, he also shares wonder photos of him with his dear wife on his social sites

Explored Ashton Agar Wikipedia

Ashton Agar has established an impressive career in cricket, where he has been playing for two different domestic teams, Western Australia and Perth Scorchers, for almost ten years since 2013. With his increasing popularity in the following years, Wikipedia has published his short bio on its official page. 

In particular, he was born on October 14, 1993, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He got raised by his Sir Lankan mother, Sonia Hewawissa, and an Australian father, John Agar: where he has two younger brothers in his family named Will and Wes. 

Alex Eggerking Is The Lawyer Behind The Settlement, More On Dyson Heydon Alleged Victim

Who is Alex Eggerking Husband? Has she graced the official pages of Wikipedia? Find out in the article below.

A financial settlement has been reached after an independent investigation confirmed the accusations against Dyson Heydon. Since Alex Eggerking, Chelsea Tabart, and Rachael Patterson Collins have signed the non-disclosure agreement, the exact pay-out amount has not been made public.

Eggerking has shared her story in an interview with Laura Tingle. You can also watch it on ABC. Moreover, the public has praised her for bravery and have showered her with immense love and support.

Eggerking is not only has inspired us but also taught us what being strong means. Even Michaelia Cash, the attorney general, has apologized to Eggerking, Tabart, and Patterson and has commended them for being brave.

Let us learn about Alex Eggerking in detail.

Alex Eggerking Husband: Is She Married?

Yes, Alex Eggerking is married. However, her husband’s identity is currently a secret.

Since Alex has not dedicated any social media posts to her significant other, not much is known about him. According to Herbert Smith Freehills, Alex and her husband moved to the United States in 2017.

The couple also has a child together. Additionally, Alex and her husband have relocated back to Australia and are currently based in Sydney.

Alex Eggerking  Wikipedia: Dyson Heydon Alleged Victim

Alex Eggerking’s bio has not been published on Wikipedia. However, you can learn more about her through her website.

Eggerking is a Producer and Media Consultant by profession. She has completed her education in media business from CUNY’s Tow Knight Fellowship in Entrepreneurial Journalism. Likewise, she is currently attending the University of Technology Sydney to obtain MA in Creative Writing.

Having worked as a Senior Mergers & Acquisitions attorney initially, she has an impressive CV. She has had the experience of working with Daily Pnut and Pro Publica too. As a matter of fact, Eggerking is the co-host of WTH, America? (a podcast).

Alex Eggerking Net Worth And Salary

Alex Eggerking’s Net Worth has not been made public. As the exact details regarding her salary are unknown, an estimation of her fortune cannot be made either.

However, the settlement between Eggerking and the federal government has been reported to be six figures.

Alex Eggerking Family

The identities of Alex Eggerking’s family have not been disclosed. We will, however, update you with the details as soon as they become available.

Darts: Who Is Krzysztof Ratajski? Details To Know About His Wife Net Worth Instagram

Krzysztof Ratajski is a professional darts player from Poland who competes in PDC events whose most notable achievement to date is winning the 2017 World Masters.

Ratajski is a member of the Professional Darts Corporation’s ProTour and has previously represented Poland at the World Cup of Darts.

Krzysztof is the most successful darts player in Poland’s history.

Ratajski’s first big tournament appearance was in the 2007 Czech Open, when he advanced to the semi-finals.

Krzysztof defeated Joey ten Berge and Marek Polak, a local player, before falling to Patrick Loos, the tournament winner.

When Ratajski defeated Daryl Gurney 6–4 in the final of the sixth UK Open qualification in February 2018, he became the first Polish player to win a PDC event.

Darts: Who Is Krzysztof Ratajski?

Krzysztof is a well-known professional dart player and Poland’s most successful player.

Ratajski was born in Warsaw on January 1, 1977. So, he will be 45 years old by 2022 and his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

The Polish Eagle is his nickname.

He then went on to win the 2008 Denmark Open, defeating Nándor Bezzeg of Hungary, Marko Kantele of Finland, and Geert De Vos of Belgium en way to the final, when he defeated Fabian Roosenbrand.

Ratajski qualified for the 2009 BDO World Darts Championship on December 4, 2008, winning one of the five spots available.

Krzysztof defeated former qualifier Ian Jones and Mike Veitch before defeating Robbie Green to qualify for either world championship, becoming the first Polish player to do so.

Also Read: Who Is James Wilson Darts Player? Wikipedia Age & Net Worth Explored

Krzysztof Ratajski Wife: Is He Married?

The famous dart player is unmarried and still single. 

The darts player prefers to keep his personal life hidden from the public eye. Furthermore, the majority of his social media photos are either solo or dart-related.

Ratajski partnered with Kciuk to represent Poland in the inaugural PDC World Cup of Darts.

In the first round, they were defeated by Phillip Hazel and Warren Parry of New Zealand, who were represented by Phillip Hazel and Warren Parry.

Krzysztof did not return to the event until 2013, when he was reunited with Kciuk and they advanced to the last 16 by finishing second in Group E after defeating Gibraltar 5–2.

They were defeated 5–2 by the host nation Germany, who were represented by Jyhan Artut and Andree Welge.

Net Worth – Is Krzysztof Ratajski Rich?

Krzysztof ‘s estimated net worth is around $ 1-5 million USD. 

As a result of his principal work as a professional dart player, he has accumulated a sizable wealth.

Ratajski makes money via sponsorships, ads, and contracts in addition to his athletics. He, too, does not have a set salary and instead makes money through competing in tournaments.

He has lived a lavish and beautiful lifestyle, purchasing vehicles and residences.

Krzysztof Ratajski Instagram Explored

Ratajski’s official Instagram account has yet to be created.

In 2016, Ratajski competed in the BDO World Trophy for the first time, losing 6–4 to Scott Waites.

He competed in the 2016 PDC World Cup of Darts with Mariusz Paul, but they were eliminated 5–1 by Belgium in the first round.

Krzysztof qualified for the International Darts Open but was defeated 6–1 in the first round by Chris Dobey.