Canada’s Curling Legen Glenn Howard Survived A Snowmobile Accident, Here Is What Happened To Him

Glenn Howard was simply engaged in a snowmobile accident within the yr 2021, and it was not a pleasant one.

The Howards are an adventurous household, however a latest snowmobile tour in Canada practically led to catastrophe.

The accident occurred because of a big storm that lowered visibility considerably.

Cody’s brother, Trevor, who was shut behind him, claimed Cody’s snowmobile collided with a rock. He was severely injured within the collision.

The ex-Marine was positioned in a medically induced coma.

He shattered 9 of his ribs and cracked his sternum within the collision, making it a extremely essential state of affairs.

He was hospitalized for a couple of days after breaking 9 ribs and cracking his sternum, placing his probabilities of competing within the Brier because the skip of Wild Card No. 1 in jeopardy.

He is now completely recovered and has returned to his recreation with vigor.

However, he’s nonetheless therapeutic from the results of the accident and it could take a while for him to be as match as he was beforehand.

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