Ash on Joe Biden’s forehead mistaken for bruise as POTUS marks Lent

Joe Biden marked the primary day of Lent on Wednesday, March 2, 2022, earlier than heading to Minnesota.

The second Roman Catholic President even revealed to the reporters what he was giving up throughout the 40-day interval.

Soon, footage of the POTUS marking Ash Wednesday began making rounds on Twitter and other people thought he had a bruise on his forehead.

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Joe Biden sports ash on his forehead

The 79-year-old President observed Ash Wednesday in the White House before heading to the Midwest. He celebrated the occasion last year as well.

He received ashes in the sign of a cross on his forehead, marking the beginning of Lent.

The placement of ash on the forehead was a apply of the Anglo-Saxon church within the tenth Century. It is taken into account the dominant theme of Lent.

The ashes utilized in Ash Wednesday are collected from the earlier 12 months’s palm burned on Palm Sunday.

However, individuals who weren’t conscious of the identical assumed one thing was improper with Joe’s forehead.

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Twitter errors ash for a bruise

The ash mark on Joe’s forehead left many involved after speculations about President being harm began making rounds.

But, others rapidly corrected the confused Twitter customers by explaining that it was ash on the POTUS’s forehead.

One tweeted: “Biden has an “old person bruise” on his head.”

“How did you get your bruise on your head? The American people deserve to know. Are you safe? Did you fall?” asked one other.

Explaining the which means of the ash mark, one other wrote: “Joe Biden is a Catholic. Catholics often have a smudge of ash (sometimes in the shape of a cross) applied to their forehead by a priest during mass.”

“Dear Mr President @[email protected], We know it wasn’t a forehead smudge; it was good to see your #AshWednesday faith on display during your visit to MN today. Keep keeping the faith!” read a supportive tweet.

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Bullet Train | Official Trailer





President offers up sweets

Joe had given up on considered one of his favourite indulgences for Lent.

When requested what he had forsworn, the President stated: “All sweets — and you know me, I start off with dessert. No ice cream, nothing,” reviews New York Post.

People abstain from indulging in sure practices within the holy interval which is taken into account as a illustration of  Jesus Christ’s quick for 40 days and nights.

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